Raves & Reviews


“This was such an amazing event! Can’t wait to attend again  next year! Thank you for all of your hard work!“  ~Heather Lynn 

“We took our furry friend and kids down today and had the time of our life! Kids were painted by Cat Cabajar and team at The Painted Cat and our pooch got spoiled with treats and beach fun and lure runs and tons of other furry friends. Great vendors, Lots of smiling faces , Just the greatest thing in Sarnia!" 

 ~Mel Carrey 

"Well organized! Both of my dogs had tons of fun and the volunteers were great! Awesome vendors and lots of freebies!"

~Alicia Lynn

"Thank you for putting on this event! Even though I do not have a dog at the moment, we still enjoyed attending and spending time watching all the dogs having a blast!!! I hope you do more of these! You did an amazing job and I will definitely be attending your next event!! Great job everyone!!"

~Sandy Butler

"Such an awesome idea and so much fun! you guys rock!!"

~Angela Mary C

"Amazing event!! Such a great festival for dogs and their people! We can't wait for next year's Beach Fest!"

~Claire Hodder, Lakeshore Pet Care

"Thank you Jenilyn Sheppard and all the volunteers! Texas and Tula had a blast :) "

~Heather Gelinas

"Dozer had so much fun today. He came  home and had a 3 hour nap. LOL. Thanks for being there for us!"

~Deb Arseneau

"Great event and very much needed for Sarnia. I heard a lot of happy dog lovers today  looking forward to next year!"

~Molly Scarpelli, Scentsy

"Loved it. Can't wait to bring Zara next year. Great job everyone"

~Denise Lachapelle